Why I Use A Bullet Journal


Originally published February 24th, 2019

I started bullet journalling back in September 2017. At first, I found the whole process a little bit daunting. I’m not exactly the most artistically inclined crayon in the box, and I have a nasty habit of starting projects and quickly realising that I don’t have the time to complete them. Why should a bullet journal be any different?

Well, one-and-a-bit notebooks and nearly 18 months later, I’m still filling in my bullet journal every day. I’ve tried out countless layouts, dabbled in a bit of artwork (with mixed results), and I’ve been pretty hyper-critical of my spreads at times. It’s difficult to avoid comparing them unfavourably to the glorious examples I see on Pinterest and Instagram! However, to give myself credit, I haven’t even been tempted to give up on my BuJo. It’s a permanent fixture in my life now, and here’s why…

I’ve simplified the process as much as possible.
bujo 4
My BuJo is pretty unoriginal. Most of the time, I only use my holy trinity of simple spreads: a future log to keep track of any important dates that are coming up; a weekly spread that contains my work and personal agenda; and my habit trackers. I don’t try to come up with new and innovative spread ideas every other week, mainly because I don’t need them, but also because I don’t have the time for that shit. Keeping things simple prevents me from becoming overwhelmed!

It helps me to stay organised.


My BuJo is the home of my shopping lists, my weekly goals, and my daily tasks. It helps me keep track of birthdays, upcoming social events, and work deadlines. Without it, I’d honestly be lost. I’ve always tended to write things down to keep track of them, and now, I get to do so in an organiser of my own creation! My BuJo comes with me everywhere, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It gives me the chance to be creative.

bujo 3

Disclaimer: not all of my BuJo spreads are artistic. I’m not naturally talented at art, so it’s a real effort for me to create spreads that look nice. However, if I do get a sudden burst of creativity, I can channel it into my BuJo! Sometimes, the resulting pages are one extra smudge away from disaster; in other cases, they turn out quite well. Whatever the case, it’s always fun to spend the time creating them!

Does anyone else out there have a bullet journal? What kind of spreads do you use? I’d love to hear about other people’s BuJo experiences, so if you’ve ever tried one, leave a comment down below!

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